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About us. the online store coffeeynya.ua

Welcome to the Coffeeynya online store.

We offer you only original products, as we value our reputation and your positive feedback very much. The products presented on the site are high quality and certified.

The assortment includes the following brands:

Lavazza, Totti, Ambassador, Gimoka, Bodr, Montana, Videnskakava, Svit Tea, Greenfield, Randy, Bastek, ICS, ToraBika, Schogetten, Cachet, Ritter Sport, ZIZ, EMMI are coffee, cappuccino, tea, chocolate, cream.

Our managers are always happy to provide professional and detailed advice in choosing a product, taking into account your taste and wishes, and the courier will deliver the goods as quickly and FREE OF CHARGE in Kiev with an order amount of 500 UAH.

Thanks to the individual approach and affordable prices, the number of our Clients is growing, and this cannot but rejoice.

If you want to order Italian coffee to your office or home, then we are waiting for your orders on the website coffeeynya.ua or by phone:

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Choosing the coffee shop online store you get pleasure in your cup !!!

Only original lavazza coffee in our online store coffeeynya.ua

Coffee - it is truly unique beverage that can fill us with vigor, to give a good mood and positive energy. It is not surprising that the number of people wishing to buy a coffee in the city of Kiev is growing every day. Someone who likes and buys the ground, some freeze-dried, and someone preferred to buy coffee beans: as the saying goes: "No accounting for tastes!"

Natural coffee - a beverage that is prepared from the roasted seeds of tropical fruits of coffee trees. There it is from Africa, from the mountainous region in Ethiopia called Kaffa. One of the first began to prepare this drink Arabs and Egyptians, from which it spread to Europe and other continents. And he became one of the most popular drinks of our time: today the sale of coffee has strong 2nd place on world markets after oil. This drink is like in any corner of our country, and Kiev is not an exception. Every year in Ukraine consumed an average of 1,000 thousand. Bags of this plant. Therefore, anyone who has ever bought this product, faced with the question: "How not to get lost in the wide variety of grades, and what better to buy coffee?"

To date, there are about 90 species of trees, from dwarf and ending the ten-giants. But is dominated by two species, which account for the various estimates about 95% of all products manufactured, are:

  • Arabica suited to fans of pleasant mild taste with a slightly sour taste and rich aroma. If you decide to buy coffee beans in this class, you will certainly pay attention to his country of origin. It is believed that the Caribbean - a strong and flavorful, the Colombian - soft and Brazil - tart.
  • Robusta has a rich taste bitter, sharp aroma and abundant dense foam. It has a high caffeine content and is mainly used in preparations of coffee blends, combined with Arabica.


True connoisseurs know, to feel the perfect combination of balance of taste and aroma, it is necessary to buy coffee beans. Because this product has a number of advantages:

Natural, grain difficult to forge. While the content in the soluble coffee beans are not more than 14%, and the rest - it colorants, preservatives, fragrances and other substances.

  • Intense flavor and aroma.
  • The quality speaks for itself. While in the production of instant corn can be used substandard and unfit for sale in non-processed form.
  • Use in moderation. Grain tonic effect on the whole body, slows down its aging, due to the content of antioxidants and stimulates digestion and promotes weight loss. Instant drink has a negative impact on the human body: it increases blood pressure and heart rate.
  • The only drawback, which takes away the desire to buy coffee beans, is a relatively long process of preparation. In this case, a good alternative - is to buy a ground product.


Currently, residents of the capital will not be any difficulty to purchase grain fragrant coffee buy in Kiev easily whether any supermarket or a small grocery shop. But if you want mainly to save money, then ask for help on the Internet. This method of shopping will save you money and time. And all because the prices are, in fact, lower than in stores. In addition you will always have the opportunity to pick up a product, compare prices on all sites. Therefore, if your main goal - to save, then be sure to use the internet. To do this, fit enough in the search box the phrase, such as' buy coffee Kiev "or" buy coffee beans Kiev "and select the site with a suitable product.

So, if you are a real foodie and connoisseur quality drink, if you want to buy cheap natural coffee beans in the city of Kiev, the online shop "Coffeeynya" - this is the right place for a good purchase. Our online store coffee and tea is successfully working in this field since 2013 and has already managed to win the trust of people in the capital who want to buy coffee beans in Kiev. Perhaps you ask: "Why is better to buy coffee in coffeeynya.com.ua online store?" The answer is obvious.

A wide range of products, you can buy coffee beans, capsules, powder, flavored with different varieties from world famous manufacturers. Also we do not forget about the tea drinkers, so here you will find a large number of varieties of this drink. In addition to the classic black and green tea, you can purchase herbal and fruit mixture.

The quality we offer only fresh and natural product, because cooperate with the best manufacturers, who value their reputation and produce only high-quality products. Therefore, one hundred percent original and ground coffee beans to buy in Kiev is easily in our "coffeeynya".

Reasonable prices, working directly with the manufacturers and importers, the margin on our products is small. So cheap to buy coffee Lavazza, Ambassador Totti and other famous brands was made possible by us.

Try with us quality and a real drink, sense excellent aroma and noble flavor in their cup!