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Instant coffee: practical and tasty


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Instant coffee: practical and tastyFor everyone who is extremely dear to every minute during busy workdays and in the fast flying morning hours, instant coffee is an irreplaceable thing. A light and capacious jar gives you a chance to immediately prepare your favorite drink on the road, on a business trip, on vacation. Contrary to the opinion that coffee in powder or granules is just a surrogate (..

There are difficulties in accessing our site.


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There are difficulties in accessing our site.Problems with well-known social networks have even affected our website. One might think how all this can be connected, but we ourselves do not fully understand.What we managed to find out: the resource that provides security certificates "fell", that's where all our problems come from, although the certificate has not expired, but the browser gives suc..

Tea leaf production: industrial volumes and experiments


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Tea leaf production: industrial volumes and experimentsTea is a drink so common at any time of the day in many countries that most consumers do not even think about where this or that brand comes from. The tea leaves, packaged in bright packages, or compact bags offered by many companies, buyers most often choose by trial and error, focusing on their own taste preferences. Before buying tea, rarel..

Several ways to make great coffee


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For real coffee lovers, the recipe for making your favorite drink is as important as the high quality of the coffee beans. They prefer to buy coffee from a well-known manufacturer and brew it according to all the rules - competently and tasty.The coffee itself is not brewed, but it is brewed (not boiled). Formally, two main methods can be divided:automated: using specialized household electrical a..

How to make Pu Er tea


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How to make Pu Er teaAt first, it may seem surprising that pu-erh fans do not offer hard-and-fast recommendations on how to brew it. They often describe this process as "creativity", "experiment", "pleasure". Perhaps because connoisseurs already determine by eye what concentration of pressed or loose leaf is ideal in their favorite teapot - ceramic, clay, glass. In addition, there are so many vari..

L'or coffee tasting


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When ordering coffee in capsules of the Nespresso system, get a package of L'or Elegante coffee free of charge.* You can take advantage of the promotion 1 time.** The promotion is valid until 10.10.2021 or the end of prizes in stock...

Non-alcoholic cocktail "Tropical Paradise"


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Non-alcoholic cocktail "Tropical Paradise"Tropical fruit juice refreshes in the summer heat and invigorates. Bright colors, rich sweet and sour taste and a lethal dose of vitamin C - this is an excellent combination. On a winter day, such a cocktail will remind you of summer and relieve you of avitominosis.Ingredients:Orange juice - 80 mlMango juice - 80 mlPineapple juice - 80 mlSyrup "EMMI" CHERR..

Alcoholic cocktail "Maple Apple"


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Alcoholic cocktail "Maple Apple"Prescription for adults only.Whiskey and apple juice are the perfect combination. The taste of this cocktail can be made richer by adding EMMI MAPLE syrup to it. Sweet, viscous like honey, with soft woody notes, it will emphasize the nobility of the whiskey.Ingredients:Whiskey - 50 mlApple juice - 120 ml"EMMI" MAPLE syrup - 20 ml (4 tsp)Lemon juice - 15 mlIce cubes ..

Cocktail with beer "Monaco"


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Cocktail with beer "Monaco"Prescription for adults only.The Monaco cocktail is just perfect for a summer day. If you think that there is nothing better in the heat than a mug of frothy beer, try this cocktail. The syrup "EMMI" PINA COLADA will bring sweetness and pineapple aroma, and lime juice will add a pleasant sourness. You can replace it with "EMMI" GRENADINE syrup, then the cocktail will be ..

Strong alcoholic cocktail "Forbidden Fruit"


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Strong alcoholic cocktail "Forbidden Fruit"Prescription for adults only.The forbidden fruit beckons and attracts. It is impossible to resist the temptation. The Forbidden Fruit cocktail combines the delicate aroma of apple, the rich taste of Calvados and the freshness of lime. The pungent smell and unusual taste of EMMI LAVENDER syrup gives the Forbidden Fruit a veil of intimate secrecy. The inky ..

Alcoholic cocktail "Vanilla kick"


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Alcoholic cocktail "Vanilla kick"Prescription for adults only.The sweet aroma of vanilla transforms any pastry into culinary excellence. When the house smells of vanilla, a special atmosphere of coziness and expectation of something wonderful is created.Syrup "EMMI" VANILLA with its concentrated aroma is suitable not only for making cakes and sweet desserts. Strong cocktail "Vanilla kick" knocks d..

Alcoholic cocktail "Forester"


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Alcoholic cocktail "Forester"Prescription for adults only.Tasty and strong, the Forester cocktail will appeal to both ladies and their companions. Translated from English, the name of the cocktail means "forest". Indeed, the original taste of EMMI HAZELNUT syrup and the bright aroma of juniper berries, on which the gin is infused, take your thoughts away from reality, into a fairy forest. Grape ju..

Strong alcoholic cocktail "Boyarsky"


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Strong alcoholic cocktail "Boyarsky"Recipe for adults only!It is not known whether the name of this cocktail is related to Mikhail Boyarsky. The cocktail is drunk in one gulp. It is so strong that the exclamation of "A thousand devils!" or "Kanalya!" and bursts out of the chest.Ingredients:Vodka / sambuca - 25 mlSyrup "EMMI" GRENADINE - 25 ml (5 tsp)Tabasco sauce - 5 mlPreparation:The Boyarsky coc..

Cocktail "Bumblebee"


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Cocktail "Bumblebee"The Bumblebee cocktail is bright and refreshing. It will be appreciated by those who want to dance all night, because the cocktail contains a strong espresso. "Bumblebee" will make the morning good if the party is too long. It will help you to cheer up and put your thoughts in order.Ingredients:Orange juice - 100 mlEspresso coffee - 50 mlSyrup "EMMI" CARAMEL - 15 ml (3 tsp)Ice ..

Melon Boom cocktail


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Melon Boom cocktailDelightfully tender and aromatic melon pulp is the taste of hot summer. Melon should ripen under the rays of the southern sun, only then it melts in the mouth and gives pleasure. Believe me, it will be even greater if you enhance its taste with EMMI MELON syrup. Mix melon pulp with ice cream for a delicious dessert. Both children and adults will like it.Ingredients:Melon - 100 g..

This have not happened before! Discount 200 UAH!


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Dear friends, our online store Coffeeynya is launching a promotion for coffee in capsules Gimoka Nespresso.We have reduced the price for blocks of capsules of 200 pcs by 200 UAH!The promotion applies to:Coffee capsules Gimoka NESPRESSO Lungo 200pcsCoffee capsules Gimoka NESPRESSO Vellutato 200pcsCoffee capsules Gimoka NESPRESSO Cremoso 200pcsCoffee capsules Gimoka NESPRESSO Intenso 200pc..

Non-alcoholic "Blue Lagoon"


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Non-alcoholic "Blue Lagoon"Blue Lagoon is a popular sky blue cocktail. Refreshing and daring thanks to the combination of Sprite and vodka, this cocktail can also be non-alcoholic. After all, the main thing is the magical color that "EMMI" BLUE CURASAO syrup will give it.Ingredients:Sprite - 150 mlLemon juice - 20 mlSyrup "EMMI" BLUE CURASAO - 30 mlIce - 100 mlMint leafSlice of lime or lemonPrepar..

Non-alcoholic "Pina Colada"


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Non-alcoholic "Pina Colada"Pina Colada has a recognizable taste of pineapple juice combined with coconut milk. The classic Pina Colada cocktail suggests white rum, but rum is not the main thing here. But pineapple and coconut are indispensable.The bright taste of "EMMI" PINA COLADA syrup will help you create not only a non-alcoholic cocktail, but also create an atmosphere of relaxation on the trop..

Chocolate milkshake


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Chocolate milkshakeBoth children and adults love the chocolate milkshake. This is a great idea for a Sunday breakfast or a snack after a walk in the fresh air. Anyone who loves chocolate ice cream will appreciate this recipe. The taste of chocolate will emphasize the aroma of vanilla. A teaspoon of EMMI VANILLA syrup will replace natural vanilla.Ingredients:Milk - 200 mlIce cream - 50 gInstant coc..

Banana milk shake


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Banana cocktail with milkBananas are sold all year round, which means that you can always prepare a delicious and healthy cocktail. It's a great breakfast, great snack and delicious dessert. After exercising, a banana shake can help rejuvenate. And the children just adore him.Banana does not have a very bright aroma, a pinch of natural vanilla will help to improve it, but with vanilla it is easy t..