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And what do you know about Lavazza ¡TIERRA! ?

And what do you know about Lavazza ¡TIERRA! ?
Lavazza Tierra coffee - enjoying the Italian lifestyle with every cup!

Hurry up to taste the real Italian Lavazza Tierra coffee! This mixture of several types of high-quality coffee beans grown in Peru, Colombia, Honduras, is a very soft, delicate aromatic coffee that is suitable for all lovers of elite drinks. It is used for home cooking in espresso machines and for professional use in restaurants and cafes.

Background ...

Lavazza is a world famous brand with 125 years of history. Over the past several decades, the popularity of this drink has been growing exponentially. The company produces about 85,000 tons of coffee annually, and in Italy the brand owns 45% of the retail market. The cultivation of coffee beans is carried out in the tropical zone at an altitude of 200 to 2000 m above sea level. You can buy the finished product in grains, ground form, capsules.

In 2002, the company started production of Lavazza Tierra coffee. The Tierra label on the packaging indicates that the coffee is part of a program aimed at improving working conditions, the environment and the quality of coffee berries in countries where coffee is grown.

Lavazza Tierra blends were developed in collaboration with the Tropical Alliance. This is the pinnacle of coffee art! The project is listed as the company's strict adherence to sustainability principles. The uniqueness of the approach lies in three rules: excellent product characteristics, support for small producers and care for the environment.

 Preferring Lavazza ¡TIERRA! you get original premium quality products with divine taste, thanks to the special origin of the mixture, processing (hand washed Arabica), careful hand selection of elite coffee beans and perfectly balanced roasting.

We will discuss top positions (the weight of grains in one package is 1 kg)

  • Coffee beans Lavazza Tierra Brazile 100% Arabica. The drink has sweet floral and exotic notes with a chocolate flavor. Medium roasted beans - no aromatic additives. Coffee has a low acidity. The organic product does not consist exclusively of Arabica beans, sustainably grown on UTZ certified farms.
  • Lavazza Tierra Brazile coffee. The perfect take on a traditional espresso. A pleasant bitterness, a harmonious flavor combination of Arabica beans (80%) and Robusta (20%), as well as a wonderful aftertaste of cocoa and hazelnuts, create an amazing, unique combination in an invigorating drink.
  • Coffee beans Lavazza Tierra Selection 100% Arabica. The splendor of taste and the unsurpassed aroma of 100% Arabica grown in Central and South America, you can feel after drinking a cup of this wholesome drink. Medium-roasted grains have a refined taste of dried fruits and flowers. The Italian drink Lavazza Tierra Selection contains caffeine.
  • Lavazza ¡Tierra coffee beans! Colombia 100% Arabica. This is the best option from the premium segment. Refined soft taste with a slight hint of tropical fruits and slight sourness, conveyed by coffee beans (arabica 100%) of light roast. Such an amazing blend is able to satisfy taste accents, even for hardened gourmets.
  • Lavazza ¡Tierra coffee! Brasile Extra Intense. The blend of Arabica beans (60%) and Robusta (40%) creates a tandem pronounced taste of the original espresso. Pleasant rich sweetness, light chocolate bitterness and moderate caramel aftertaste leave the desire to savor the drink again and again.
  • Coffee capsules LAVAZZA Blue Espresso Tierra. (100 capsules with a total weight of 800 grams). This is an encapsulated version of dosed coffee. The popularity of this option is off the charts! Convenience of packaging, quick preparation, extraordinary long-lasting taste and aroma are not all the advantages of the drink. Selected coffee beans were grown on the territories of organic farms, which made it possible to obtain a safe product of the highest quality. Thanks to a special roast (medium), the drink has a rich, pronounced aroma, light acidity and a pleasant exotic aftertaste. A cup of such aromatic coffee will pleasantly invigorate, fill the day with energy and positiveness!
  • Coffee capsules Lavazza A Modo Mio ¡Tierra! you can purchase from our store. Available in 3 types of 100% Arabica (Bio Organic, Brasile - Cerrado and Perù - Ande)


If you decide to enjoy the natural taste of this balanced drink, we recommend placing an order now and buying Lavazza Tierra coffee. Contact the number indicated on the company's website or fill out the convenient order form. We guarantee prompt delivery of goods to anywhere in Ukraine.

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