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History of success. Gimoka

History of success. Gimoka
History of success. Gimoka

Gimoka is the largest Italian coffee company. The volume of roasted coffee is second only to Lavazza. But according to the president of the company, Ivan Padelli, Lavazza is 15 times bigger and "is playing its own game" against Nestlé and Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Gimoka has no other competitors, so the company is rightfully called one of the leaders in coffee roasting in Italy.

The history of development

The peculiarity of Gimoka is that it is a family business. The founder of the company is Ivan Padelli. His support is two sons, David and Marko. Even as children, they knew that they wanted to keep the family business - there was never any doubt. David and Marco practically grew up in the company, and even in childhood they played among bags of coffee beans. The house was located next to the factory, and in order to go outside, it was necessary to go through the premises where the roasting was carried out.

  • In the early 1980s, the Padelli family owned a small coffee shop in the center of Lecco (Italy, Lombardy region).
  • With the help of his father, Ivan Padelli founded the Gimoka company, which specialized in roasting coffee for home consumption.
  • In 1987, the company expanded: they bought new equipment, because the demand for the product was growing quite quickly.
  • In 1990, the production was moved to the city of Andalo (Italy, Valtellino). This was due to the rapid development of the company. It was required to expand the territory, as well as to update and modernize the equipment.
  • In 1997, Gimoka acquired Espresso Italia, a manufacturer of coffee pods and pods.
  • In 2006, another plant, Espresso Italia, began to operate, where they began to produce coffee in mono doses and capsules. It is also located in Andalo, close to the rest of the production area.
  • In 2015, Gimoka Srl and Espresso Italia Srl merged. This is how the Gimoka company was born.

Today the coffee company continues to grow. The second generation has already joined the management of the family business. David took over as CEO and Marco took over as Global Business Director.

Modern realities

Today the Gimoka company includes 4 factories. Three factories are located in the Andalo-Valtellino region - 2 in Andalo and 1 in Delebio. The factories are located in an ecologically clean place.

There are 27 highly automated production lines in operation, as well as assembly and packaging lines. The Neuhaus Neotec RFB400 machines are used, which roast up to 10 thousand kg of coffee per hour. Gimoka pioneered fluid roasting technology in Italy.

According to Padelli, there are many Italian coffee roasters - a tradition developed in the country. But they work with small volumes. Gimoka aspired to be an example of a progressive Italian company. The first roast of the new type was installed in 2012, the second in 2019. Other roasters like Nestlé and illycaffè have also adopted this roast style.

Over the past few years, more than 40 million have been invested in the modernization of manufacturing plants. We paid special attention to research, development and lifelong learning. Part of the investment was directed to a new advertising company.

Leader in coffee roasting in Italy

Gimoka is the second Italian roasting company in terms of annual volume of roasted coffee. The indicator is serious - 28,000 tons of processed coffee.

The president of the company, Ivan Padelli, notes that the main advantage of Gimoka is complete control over the supply chain. The group deals with coffee from start to finish, from buying coffee beans to packaging the finished product. This includes overseeing the roasting and grinding stages.

Raw materials are purchased in 18 countries - this is more than 30 varieties of coffee, from which about a hundred different blends are obtained. Gimoka is responsible for the choice of grains - they are purchased directly from the plantations of South America, Africa, India. The first checks on the beans are carried out on site. Special laboratory equipment is used. Samples are fried, ground and tasted. Only after quality testing is the purchase made. When raw materials arrive at the plant, a second check is carried out to ensure that the approved sample matches the purchased batch.


Gimoka exports coffee to over 50 countries. The assortment includes 3 product categories: ground and grain coffee, portioned (for example, for nespresso), instant products. Each area has a separate business unit.

About 2,500 different Gimoka products are produced under various brands, including Espresso Italia, Gran Caffè Garibaldi and Galleria CaffèSi. This is ground coffee, prepared on modern equipment, and the same mixtures in the form of coffee beans (sold for light and intense roasting). Another area is soluble ingredients.

The elite option is Gimoka products in capsules. Various variations are available to suit a wide range of coffee machines. For example, coffee in nespresso capsules. The products are packed so that the properties are preserved as much as possible.

Nespresso capsule system

Gimoka's assortment includes products designed specifically for nespresso systems. Produce coffee in capsulesare produced and processed in Italy. Each capsule contains natural roasted coffee, ground and compressed using a special technology. The taste is different, depending on the mixture - from mild delicate to strong rich.

The line includes such mixtures: Lungo, Deciso, Intenso, Vellutato, Cremoso, Soave. All capsules are approved for use in Nespresso coffee machines.

  • Cremoso is sweet and balanced, with a pleasant sourness and a mild nutty aftertaste. Medium roast level - 7/12. In the composition of arabica and robusta.
  • Lungo is an aromatic coffee thanks to Arabica beans from Central America. Feature in fruity notes. Ingredients - 100% Arabica, light roast (5/12).
  • Deciso is powerful and intense, with bitter cocoa and dried fruit flavors. Additional frying results in a strong taste with a mild aftertaste. It is 100% robusta with a dark roast (10/12).
  • Intenso - with Arabica and Robusta. Medium roast level (9/12).
  • Vellutato - 100% Medium Roasted Arabica (6/12)

Features of Gimoka nespresso coffee capsules:

  • Designed for Nespresso, tested with all models (not compatible with Vertuo Line (R) only.
  • Coffee beans are carefully selected, every stage of production is monitored. Deliveries are arranged from ecologically clean areas.
  • All capsules are hermetically sealed to maintain full freshness and flavor.
  • The capsules are fried using a special technology, give off a bitter taste. The modern process of gentle roasting with hot air at a low temperature, which preserves the quality of the coffee beans and allows you to get an unusual taste.
  • It is based on the Italian traditions of strong coffee.

Coffee from the Italian manufacturer Gimoka is available in the Coffeeynya online store at the best price.

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