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Tea Basilur Four Seasons Collection

Tea Basilur Four Seasons Collection

The Bazilur brand constantly pleases fans of the tea drink with new exquisite lines. One of the latest novelties of the company is the Four Seasons collection. This product line includes four unique flavors, among which customers will find their favorite fruit and berry aromas and sophisticated duets of green tea and flowers.

The Four Seasons collection is a line of large-leaf black and green Ceylon teas with various aroma and flavor additives. "Winter", "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" ... And what drink do you like the most?

To determine your favorite season, you can buy Basilur tea gift set "Four seasons". This is an unusual assortment of premium tea blends.

Inside the cardboard packaging, tea is packed in a sealed bag with a zipper that reliably protects the product from moisture. In the catalog of the online store "Coffeeynya" you can buy Basilur tea of ​​several types.

Spring tea

A large-leaved Ceylon green tea with a delicate aroma of cherries and cornflower petals. The drink owes its exotic taste to slices of natural kiwi. A cup of aromatic tea will fill the day with cheerfulness and good mood.

Summer tea

Long green tea, grown and harvested by hand on plantations in China. The drink has an amazing berry aroma. The mixture contains pieces of wild strawberry, strawberry, calendula petals and cornflower. The drink is delicious both cold and hot. The delicate aroma will appeal to connoisseurs of traditional green tea. The drink perfectly tones and refreshes.

Autumn Tea

Large leaf black tea with safflower petals and a sweet maple syrup aroma. Such a rich bouquet can improve your mood even on the most cloudy and rainy day.

When brewed, Ceylon tea creates a rich, clear drink with a honey tint. Aromatic additives give the tea a unique sweetness and delicate aftertaste.

Maple syrup is a storehouse of fructose with a delicate woody flavor and caramel flavor with hints of nuts. Safflower petals are a traditional Indian remedy for the nervous system.

Winter Tea

Large-leaf black tea with a delicate aroma and taste of cranberry fruits. An elite drink suitable for any time of the day. The tea is characterized by moderate strength and light fruity astringency.

The assortment of Basilur teas in the catalog of the online store “Coffeeynya” is constantly updated. On the site you can buy Basilur tea with delivery to any region of Ukraine.