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Tea Basilur Collection "Bouquet"

Tea Basilur Collection "Bouquet"

The Basilur company produces about a hundred tea blends. The line of tea products is constantly updated with new exquisite flavors. The diverse collection of teas from the popular brand offers drinks for every time of day and every mood.

Basilur brand products are not yet widely known in our country. Despite this, delicious teas have already won the trust of Ukrainians. Basilur tea products are popular not only for their quality, but also for the variety of taste and aroma properties, as well as designer packaging. Buy Basilur tea is offered by the Coffeeynya online store.

About the manufacturer

Basilur tea is produced by the Basilur Tea Company located in Sri Lanka. Localization directly near tea plantations allows the use of fresh raw materials in the production process.

The highlight of Basilur products is that the company offers its customers more than just a cup of fragrant tea. Each product package contains an exclusive blend of selected tea leaves. The company is constantly in the process of improving production technologies and processing of finished products. As a result, customers receive a quality product with amazing taste and aroma properties.

The tea brand offers a wide range of products - traditional large-leaf black and green teas and blends with an admixture of fruits, flowers, aromatic herbs and fruits. Such a wide assortment range allows you to select and buy Basilur tea that can satisfy the needs of every person.

Special attention should be paid to the design of the packaging of tea products. A whole team of artists and designers work on packaging design.

Collection "Bouquet"

The Bouquet collection is a delicious large-leaf green tea with a refined taste and delicate fruity-floral aroma. The collection includes the following products:

  • Creamy Fantasy is an invigorating blend of green tea and fruit-floral mixture with delicate aromas of cream and strawberry.
  • Green freshness - alpine long green tea with the addition of mint, giving a feeling of freshness and coolness.
  • White magic - large leaf green milk oolong tea. The drink has a delicate creamy aroma and a great rich taste.

Each of the described teas is able to surprise with a rich aroma and amazing taste.

How to order

The catalog of the online store "Coffeeynya" contains a wide selection of Basilur tea products with a detailed description of each product unit. Tea shops, private customers, coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets can buy Basilur tea with delivery to the regions of Ukraine. The online store "Coffeeynya" delivers orders through the transport company "Nova Poshta".

Tea is a drink that has been an important part of the life of Ukrainians for many years. The Bazilur brand seeks to popularize and develop the culture of tea drinking, supplying quality products to Ukraine.