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Tea Basilur Collection "Ceylon Leaf"

Black tea Basilur "UVA" 100g
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Tea Basilur Collection "Ceylon Leaf"

Basilur Tea Company is the largest producer and distributor of high quality Ceylon tea worldwide. The company, on an exclusive basis, received the right to purchase the best varieties of tea at auctions, including limited volumes, prohibited for export. The key difference between Basilur products from other popular brands is the use of exclusively fresh leaves in the production of tea. This has a positive effect on the taste and aroma of the drink.

On the products of the Basilur company, the honorary emblem in the form of a golden lion is applied, testifying to the impeccable quality of the goods. The characteristics of the drink were appreciated by the representatives of the Tea Council of Ceylon Island.

Loose tea is packed in packages directly on the territory of the island of Ceylon. Tea leaves pass the strictest quality selection and meet all the requirements and standards.

The elite class drink is packaged in designer packaging. The best artists and designers of the world worked on the design of the container.

To order Basilur tea with delivery to the regions of Ukraine is offered by the online store "Coffeeynya". The interactive catalog presents a wide range of exquisite bouquets of tea drink. The Basilur company is constantly developing new tea blends and strives to surprise the consumer.

Basilur - tea for real gourmets

Basilur tea is a drink with a rich taste and sophisticated aroma that allows you to touch in a distant and mysterious India. A cup of aromatic drink will allow you to relax after a busy day and plunge into pleasant memories.

The online store "Coffeeynya" strives to form long-term partnerships. Our clients include coffee shops, small shops, private customers, bars and restaurants. The catalog contains only high-quality and competitive goods. Customers can order Basilur tea using the feedback form on the website or by contacting our managers by contact phone numbers.

Collection "Ceylon Leaf"

The exquisite line of black leaf tea will delight real fans of this aromatic drink. The collection includes real plantation tea Dimbula, Uva, Nuvala Eriya, Rahulu, etc. Each variety has a rich, unique taste. The products are packed in metal containers made in the form of a tea leaf and economical cardboard packaging.

On our website, the collection is represented by the drink "UVA" - a fragrant mixture of black long leaf tea. Unique golden leaf tea grows in the picturesque regions of the UVA province on the eastern slopes of the central mountains of the island of Sri Lanka.

A wide assortment of Bazilur loose leaf tea and reasonable prices will certainly surprise the customers of the Coffeeynya online store. You can order Basilur tea for yourself or as a gift to family and friends. Thanks to the original packaging and exquisite taste, Basilur tea can become a pleasant surprise under the Christmas tree in addition to the main gift.