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Tea Randy

Tea Randy

Today the products of trade mark Randy is well known in Europe, the middle East and the CIS. Buy tea, native to Sri Lanka and also in Ukraine. Due to the huge range of tea collections and affordable prices, the brand came to taste to many Ukrainians. Tea randy this is the case, when the cost equals high quality.

The history of the emergence of the brand

Back in 1987, English traveler and aristocrat visited the island of Ceylon. He was so delighted by the local climate and scenic exotic landscapes that he decided to settle down here. Randy Roads bought a plot of land and began cultivating tea crops. Together with our honorary planter Ceylon moved his wife, two sons and a little daughter. Also sulfur Randy was joined by six other planters from England, with whom he ran the plantations near the capital of Ceylon - Nuwara Eliya.

The newly formed farmer had an economic education, so he quickly managed to combine a love of tea cultivation on the successful conduct of Affairs. His plantation brought generous bountiful harvest, tea leaves are sold out instantly. To buy tea grown on the plantation of an Englishman, the partners were literally lined up. Soon sir Randy became a respected and well-known man on the island, which put a lot of work for the prosperity of the local economy.

In 1920, Randy Roads owned by the best tea plantations under the flag of Britain. His eldest son William began to help the father, and the business began to grow even faster and bring more profits. In 1948 Ceylon was waiting for the great historical changes, the island ceased to be a British colony and acquired a new romantic name of Sri Lanka. It was during these years, William Randy, who loved this beautiful small island is your brand under the name of Randy Tea. Pretty soon the brand became a hallmark of Sri Lanka.

How tea is grown on the island of Sri Lanka?

Tea plantations occupy about 4% of the total area of this small country. The bulk of the crop is grown at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level, this is where plants get the essential for good growth of normal annual precipitation. Most bushes grow on slopes, so they are best irrigated by rainwater. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in which harvest the tea bushes are harvested by hand, so the quality of raw materials is always spotless. It is noteworthy that the tea pickers are mainly women who can collect about 20 kg of selected leaves per day. It is very heavy and hard work, which is worthy of respect.

After collecting the raw materials sent to the tea factory, which, as a rule, located throughout the plantation. Here it undergoes all stages of treatment: primary drying, fermentation, firing, sorting, packing, and packing. At the final stage, the tea is carefully checked state regulatory bodies and only after that is exported. Trademark Randy's family tea brand with a long history. Branded products are made from the best selected varieties recognized throughout the world for the quality of growing, harvesting and processing. That is why many connoisseurs want to buy tea Kyiv is a city where people know and love TM Randy.

The legend and heritage of Ceylon

The brand's range is very wide and varied. Tea collection combines the best of the varieties that are grown only in Ceylon. For lovers of good tea, the company created a lot of different directions, different range of taste, flavor and lasting aftertaste. Refined solution brand has become a tea in a gift box, which is in high demand.

On the creation of each new product masters work long and carefully. To try the creation of the Ceylon nature and the real master is easy - you just need to buy tea Kyiv is a city living in the fast life rhythm, so time for a nice Cup of tea is what gives the energy and desire to new heights. Live it with tea Randy!