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History of success. Kimbo

History of success. Kimbo

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History of success. Kimbo

Residents of Italy highly value coffee; they cannot imagine the beginning of the day without a cup of invigorating aromatic drink. Historians claim that aromatic beans became popular in Europe after 1685. Neapolitan roasted coffee is especially appreciated by Italians for its special ability to give pleasure. This method, developed over centuries of experience in roasting beans at home and on street carts, is known and successfully used throughout the world. The highly developed traditions and culture of Neapolitan coffee making have allowed Kimbo to conquer the world with its delicious authentic Italian coffee.

The history of Café do Brasil

The rise of the coffee Kimbo is reminiscent of the wonderful plot of a Hollywood movie about glittering success through dedication, persistence and commercial flair. This extraordinary history of non-standard solutions, intuitive discoveries and the greatest work has been going on for more than half a century - from a tiny coffee bean roasting workshop to a world-famous company. This confirms the correctly chosen direction of the company's development, loyalty to customs, striving to achieve the highest quality.

The tradition of making coffee in Naples is passed down by families. The city has long been known as the capital of Italian coffee, which developed the principles of characteristic dark roasting.

Kimbo is a family business of the Rubino brothers. The founders of Café do Brasil were not originally businessmen. They started their own business with a small cafe with a bakery, they were his father's henchmen. However, the taste of the espresso that they prepared became famous far beyond the city limits, and then throughout the country. In the post-war years, espresso lovers began to come from afar to taste the fragrant invigorating drink.

The birth of the company

The owners of the cafe not only knew how to make delicious coffee, but also understood the economic situation, market conditions, skillfully used advertising and management mechanisms. In 1955, the brothers organized a trade in roasted coffee beans with their own hands. Due to the rapidly growing demand for their products, in 1963 Rubino was officially registered as Cafè do Brasil, which became a pioneer in the production of packaged coffee in Italy. The generally accepted container in those years became a valuable innovation that made it possible to transport grains over long distances and store for a long time, while maintaining a specific aroma and useful properties. Now you could buy Kimbo coffee far beyond Naples.

In 1971, the owners of the company registered a new brand of coffee, Kimbo, which got its unusual name from the word jumbo, common in the 50s among Americans, which means "giant" in English. The Rubino brothers had only to change the first letter. The new word turned out to be short, sonorous and unusual, inflamed fantasy and evoking associations with hot countries where coffee trees grow.

The current state of the company

In the 90s of the 20th century, the export of Kimbo branded products to various countries expanded: packaged roasted coffee beans were shipped to many countries. For production, a large Melito plant was built in Naples, the equipment and technological processes at which are systematically modernized. In 2009, a center was opened where you can buy Kimbo coffee.

Since 1994, Cafè do Brasil has been the leader in Italy in the packaged coffee market, second only to Lavazza. The company passed the economic crisis in 2008 without losses. However, in 2010, due to a change in management, there were changes in the corporation's commercial policy.

Previously, the lion's share of the manufactured product went to private consumers, not enough attention was paid to partnerships with cafeterias and restaurants, the percentage of export revenues decreased, after the new head took over the company expanded the list of products. We began to produce 3 kg containers suitable for use in coffee shops, and increased shipments to the UK and France, where more than 10 thousand bars use the company's services. The range of products is diverse: they produce coffee in beans, ground, in capsules, in bags, in cans. The company implements noteworthy programs, one of which is "designer coffee".

From the first years of operation, the company has been carefully engaged in controlling the quality of products: grains must be grown in ecologically clean regions. Purchases are made in Peru, Brazil, Indonesia.

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