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Capsule machines

Capsule machine Nespresso Cino N15 black
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2 250.00грн.
Capsule Machine Capitani Capitani Sweety
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4 999.00грн.
Capsule machine Dolce Aroma "Julia" black
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2 800.00грн.
Capsule machine Dolce Aroma "Julia" white
Out Of Stock
2 800.00грн.
Capsule machine Nespresso Cino N15 white
Out Of Stock
2 950.00грн.
Caterpillar CNMF 02 chromium
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1 670.00грн.
Caterpillar CNMF-09 One Touch black
Out Of Stock
1 195.00грн.
Caterpillar CNMF-09 One Touch white
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1 195.00грн.
Capsule machines

Waking up early in the morning, most people first think about sleeping for at least 10-15 minutes, and then dreams of a cup of delicious and fragrant coffee, just cooked in a Turk. Unfortunately, often both dreams rarely come true. In order to prepare your favorite morning drink, you first have to grind it, then boil it, then wash the coffee grinder, jzel, spoons. Hurrying to work or on other important matters, few can afford to prepare an invigorating natural coffee daily.

A perfect way out of the situation will be a capsule coffee machine, thanks to which you can drink freshly brewed espresso, prepared in just a minute, absolutely without requiring your participation. The ergonomic and compact coffee maker is unpretentious in maintenance and is easy to operate, so you do not need to become a professional barista to weld an espresso cup. Based on the technical parameters of this or that option, you can buy a coffee machine not only for use at home but also for offices, cafes, restaurants,

What should I look for when choosing a capsule coffee machine?

The first criterion when buying is the purpose of technology. If the coffee maker is needed for home cooking, the option with a standard set of options is also suitable. If the coffee machine is selected for office or commercial purposes, you will need increased power, higher performance and functionality. So, what you need to consider:

Power. Here everything is logical: the faster the technique works, the sooner the content will be prepared.

Noisiness. Despite the fact that manufacturers are trying to reduce this figure to a minimum, still clarify this point, especially if the coffee machine is purchased home.

Size and dimensions. For a small cozy kitchen, solutions of a length and height of up to 30 and a width of up to 15 cm are great.

Storage tank. For a small family, there will be enough volume in 1 liter, for 3-4 people it will be necessary already from 1.5 liters of volume.

Pressure. From this factor depends, so high-quality will be prepared espresso, as will reveal its aroma and a gamut of tints of taste. The optimum is from 15 bar

Different types of features are different functionality and additions such as innovative heating principle, button illumination, steam cappuccino, automatic switch-off, electromechanical counter, cooking other coffee drinks, etc. You can get more detailed information about this or that capsule coffee machine from the manager of the online store " Coffee house".

Nespresso and lavazza blue coffee machines: convenience, economy, compactness and maximum of possibilities for lovers of high-quality cooked coffee and drinks based on it

We offer our customers a large selection of compact and practical solutions designed to make coffee from non-pressurized and lavatz bluec capsules. All types of models are made of strong durable materials, and are characterized by exceptional ease of use and maintenance.

NESPRESSO Capsule Machine

The unique technology of espresso was invented in 1978 by the Nestle Corporation. Having patented an innovative nespresso system, the company began to produce several lines of coffee machines and portion packs to them. The first of the first was the C-100. Currently, Nestle cooperate with such well-known manufacturers as DeLonghi, KitchenAid, Krups. To coffee machines of these brands are suitable not only exclusive Grand Cru, but also a number of other products that are fully compatible with these devices.

Nespresso capsule has the following advantages:

Creates masterpieces with a rich taste palette and bouquet (hermetic packaging perfectly preserves more than 900 shades of taste of fresh ground and compacted powder);

the most simple and convenient to maintain;

low noise level;

excellent operational and technical characteristics;

modern design, compactness and individual style.

The model range of solutions is very wide. The most popular are the series Inissia, KitchenAid, Pixie, Lattissima, Maestria, Citiz, U and others. More detailed technical details are given in the description for each model.

The principle of capsular coffee machines is as follows: in sealed capsules contains a certain amount of ground and compressed coffee (calculated per serving). After placing in the coffee machine and pressing the button, the package is pierced and a stream of boiling water comes into it under pressure. After a couple of minutes, the espresso or other drink is completely ready.

Lavazza blue capsule

Compact, functional and incredibly stylish lavatz blue coffee machines will become a beautiful and practical decoration of home kitchen or office. Refined Italian design and flowing lines allow you to perfectly fit into any interior. With the help of coffee machines and lavatz blueca capsules, you can create masterpieces such as espresso, moccasino, latte, cappuccino, americano and other coffee drinks in just a few seconds.

All models are easy to use, they do not require complicated long-term setup and programming, as well as connection to the plumbing system.

Advantages of coffee machines are:

wide functionality: adjustment of the water hardness level, preliminary wetting, indication of the inclusion and monitoring of the water level in the tank, adjustment of the portions of the boiling water supply, etc;

a capacious container for used capsules;

rapid heating (up to 40 seconds);

Removable water tank;

possibility of connection to a hot water supply system;

adjustable height for the cup;

minimum noise level;

simple and easy care;

low liquid level indicator in the system.

In this category the most popular models of capsule coffee machines are presented. You can get more detailed information about the capabilities and technical characteristics of this or that device, as well as the availability and actual prices, by contacting us in any convenient way for you.