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Coffee capsules Pelican Rouge Nespresso

Coffee capsules Pelican Rouge Nespresso

The Netherlands – country of tulips, windmills, cheese and.... Capsule coffee!

In a strong addiction to coffee people in the Netherlands can compete with the Italians. Flavored drink drink everywhere: at home, at work, on walks, in the office, cafes and even at weddings. According to statistics, one of the Dutch coffee-drinker consumes about 170 litres of coffee annually. Just think about these numbers! Real Dutch coffee is always strong scented drink that is always served with small biscuits.

Local coffee drinkers drink their favorite drink even during the night, mixing it with various ingredients and even mint. A Cup of mint coffee drinking before going to sleep is a national classic remedy for headaches and hangovers.

Company Pelican Rouge has been manufacturing premium coffee that is highly valued in the Netherlands and far beyond. For the manufacture of products the company purchases high quality green coffee grown in Vietnam, India, Kenya, Brazil, and countries in South and Central America. Coffee capsules is a good marketing ploy Pelican Rouge, which quickly gained popularity and became one of the most purchased products.

Initially, coffee Nespresso was designed for office use. Good, flavorful drink with a excellent taste was designed to and terms of office the Dutch could drink real high-quality coffee without spending too much time on its preparation. And that's just the speed and ease of cooking, coffee capsules came to taste not only the masters of the offices, office Desk and remote from the air conditioner, but to many other people.

Cafe visitors, tourists, drivers, doctors, historians and even Housewives, pretty tired from annoying everyday life and the constant steeping of ground coffee in the Turk, began to buy Nespresso coffee. The word espresso in Amsterdam costs around 3 euros, so capsules Nespresso has gained popularity because of the excellent ratio of price and quality.

Coffee pods Pelican Rouge – dossier of the product

What is capsules Nespresso and why they cause such a huge interest from buyers? Let's look at the details. Each capsule contains about 7-9 grams-roasted and ground coffee under high pressure compressed into one perfectly metered portion. Contents of package may have different flavours and bouquet of aromas.

The range of Pelican Rouge you will find interesting new products created from high-mountain Arabica and Robusta grown in ecologically clean area. Technologists of the company developed a professional range of flavors, aimed at the General taste of the audience. Buying a capsule coffee, you can choose absolutely any taste: intense, full-bodied, with a pronounced aftertaste and different flavor notes.

Airtight packaging made from innovative materials that are safe for human health preserves the freshness and excellent taste of coffee for a long time. The capsule consists of two filters located at the top and bottom, which are pierced with a special device after you place it into the machine. Under the influence of the air flow, the concentrate is well mixed and oxygenated, giving the hot water its wonderful fresh taste and intense aroma.

It takes a few seconds, and your natural fresh coffee ready! You can enjoy a refreshing drink, not thinking about the fact that soon will come the payback for the pleasure of compulsory wash coffee makers. For capsule devices it just will not come, after all, thoroughly wash them after use is not necessary.

Where to buy coffee pods?

Without a long introduction and false modesty, claimed to buy Pelican Rouge can we. Online store, you can choose any product and place an online order at any time of the day. As a rule, we build and ship packages daily, except weekends, so we have bought coffee, made in Holland, you will be able to enjoy it after one or two days.

The price of capsules is always a little higher than other types of coffee, but those who ever tried this innovative miracle, were convinced that worth the money. If you have any questions about the product or your order – call or write, I will reply to you within 15 minutes!