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Coffee capsules Lavazza Firma

Coffee capsules Lavazza A Modo Mio Qualita Rossa 36pcs
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Coffee capsules OnCaffe Arabica Firma 70pcs
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Coffee capsules OnCaffe Classic Firma 70pcs
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Coffee capsules OnCaffe Intenso Firma 70pcs
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Coffee capsules Lavazza Firma

Coffee capsules of the LavazzaFirma system

Fans of rich taste and aromatic coffee will appreciate the products of the Italian brand Lavazza Firma. Convenient capsule system allows you to quickly and accurately prepare your favorite drink. A wide range of flavors will satisfy the needs of the most demanding gourmet. Strict adherence to the recipe allows you to maintain unchanged taste of the selected variety. Try natural coffee recognized in 80 countries!

Brand history

 The company has a long history of development, in which the desire to achieve excellence has always been in the first place. The company was founded back in 1895 by the Italian Luigi Lavazza. It all started with a small grocery in Turin, which later became the family business of several generations of Lavazza. They had to go through difficult times associated with military operations in Europe, crises. But the desire to develop the coffee industry and unlimited enthusiasm allowed us to overcome difficulties and gain respect among millions of fans of an invigorating drink. Today, the manufacturer is the largest not only in the Italian coffee industry, but also in the world.

 Lavazza coffee is imported from the best growing regions. So coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, the United States of America, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico and Central America get to processing centers. Recently, in order to improve the working conditions of the local population, the company began operating in Honduras, Peru and Colombia. The wide assortment of Lavazza coffee lies precisely in the wide coffee geography. Now everyone can taste the coffee from the indicated points of the world, feel the whole flavor and uniqueness of the aroma and taste.

 In 1989, the company revolutionized and introduced the first capsule-type espresso machine. This technical development allowed people at home to quickly create high-quality and delicious coffee.

 One of their modern developments was the appearance of coffee in Firma capsules. They are designed for Lavazza Firma capsule coffee machines. Currently, three models of this series Inovy Milk, Inovy Mini and Milk are subdivided. Capsules are suitable for all three varieties.

Capsule benefits

 At first glance, the preparation of natural coffee can be of some difficulty, because the process of roasting, grinding and brewing requires certain knowledge, skills and time. Fortunately, special coffee capsules were invented, allowing you to enjoy the taste of natural coffee without spending effort and time.

 Please note that to use Lavazza coffee, you must have a special capsule coffee machine from the manufacturer or similar coffee equipment.

 The main advantages of coffee capsules Firma include:

  • Time saving. Thanks to the capsule technology, brewing coffee takes place in a matter of moments. You just need to pour water into the tank, insert the capsule, wait a few seconds and the incredible coffee is ready.
    • Saving forces. The cooking process does not require frying, grinding and brewing it in a Turk. The capsule already contains ground coffee with a certain degree of roasting.
    • A large assortment. Unique recipes that have been improving for decades will surprise even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs. The secret of the manufacturer lies in observing the rules regarding the degree of roasting and blending.
    • For capsules, only natural coffee is used without chemical additives or preservatives. The manufacturer always indicates the type of grains and the ratio of arabica and robusta, which allows you to orient the buyer when choosing. So 100% Arabica has a mild and delicate taste. Adding robusta increases the strength of the drink, has a nutty flavor and light bitterness.
    • Sealed packaging can significantly increase the shelf life of ground coffee beans, so when brewing, the drink does not lose its taste.
    The most important advantage is the extraordinary taste of Lavazza coffee. This is love from the first sip and for life. According to world market statistics, 80% of the world's population prefer this particular brand, trusting its quality.

    Where to get coffee

     You can order quality Lavazza Firma coffee in the Coffee Shop online store. You can place an order at a convenient time, as the site works around the clock. To make an order, you just need to put the selected goods in the basket and specify the necessary data for delivery.

     For residents of Kiev, courier delivery is available, so in the near future the buyer will be able to taste the truly aromatic, natural coffee. Delivery in Ukraine can be carried out in a convenient way, orders are sent the next day after placing the application. Additional information can be found by calling the number indicated or by calling back. Just enter the contact information in a special field, and our specialist will call you back to answer your questions.
     The Coffeeynya online store is a modern way of ordering natural coffee without leaving your home. Our store guarantees the originality of the presented brand.