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Buy original coffee Cavarro

Ground coffee Cavarro De Gusto250g
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Coffee beans Cavarro Cremoso 1kg
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Coffee beans Cavarro De Gusto1kg
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Coffee beans Cavarro Quality Arabica 1kg
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Ground coffee Cavarro Cremoso 250g
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Ground coffee Cavarro Quality Arabica 250g
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Buy original coffee Cavarro

Lovers of aromatic coffee beans in Kiev rarely think about which way coffee beans go before dissolving in a cup. Natural coffee beans go through several stages before turning into a delicate cappuccino or rich espresso:

  • Collection. Coffee beans can be harvested manually or mechanically. The Cavarro coffee maker uses a hand-picking method that only picks the beans at their peak of maturity.
  • Coffee processing. The grains are separated from the pulp using dry or washed technology. The natural method is used in regions with arid climates, and washed - on plantations with high humidity. Dry processing is more natural. The berries dry naturally under the scorching sun. As a result, the coffee acquires a deep taste with citrus notes. Washed processing is a technologically complex process that is used much less frequently.
  • Roasting. When cooked, the beans take on an appetizing hue. Coffee acquires its own unique aroma. Depending on the requirements of the end product, a light, medium or dark roast is used.
  • Package. Vacuum or foil containers indicate high quality coffee. Proper packaging preserves the beneficial and flavorful properties of the grains.

The online store Coffeeynya offers to buy coffee beans in Kiev from the best manufacturers. The catalog contains a wide range of natural coffee beans at a pleasant price.

Cavarro coffee beans

Cavarro is a young Ukrainian brand founded in 2020. The founders of the company decided to bring elements of national culture into the brand's philosophy. For this, the name "kavar" was chosen - the person who brews coffee. The ending “ro” is intended to add an Italian charm to the name.

The company produces high-quality grain and ground coffee for real gourmets. The beans are roasted on modern equipment. The advantage of the brand is strict quality control at every stage of production, from choosing a supplier of beans to packaging products in individual packs. This allows the customer to be confident in the impeccable taste of coffee products. The range of coffee products of the Cavarro trademark:

  • Cavarro Сremoso is a balanced blend of several varieties of Arabica. The drink has a delicate creamy foam and rich aroma. Suitable for preparing coffees with milk and rich espresso.
  • De Gusto is a blend of carefully selected Robusta and Arabica varieties. The blend is designed for fans of a strong drink with a rich aroma.
  • Quality Arabica is a blend of premium Arabica and Robusta varieties. The drink has a mild sweetish taste, spice and slight sourness.

Buyers can buy coffee beans in Kiev with delivery to any region of Ukraine. Delivery is carried out by the transport company "Nova Poshta".