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L'OR coffee beans and capsules

L'OR coffee beans and capsules
L'OR coffee beans and capsules

Well-known producers of high-quality coffee, not only won the respect and popularity of the global audience of buyers, but also repeatedly confirmed it with the release of new brands or varieties, which also found their fans. One of these coffee producers is the French company L'OR, whose history began back in 1992, when the first product was launched with a focus on French gourmets. The French, by their mentality, are quite demanding on the quality of various drinks and products, therefore L'OR coffee, which means “gold”, has undergone a thorough examination and analysis of taste characteristics from professionals.

For a long time, L'OR coffee remained only a local product on the French market, but in 2010 it went on sale in Europe and around the same time became available in Russia. Today L'OR coffee is already massively produced at one of the Russian factories, and the monopoly on this trademark belongs to the largest holding Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

L'OR coffee - production and brand varieties

Today Jacobs Douwe Egberts Corporation is represented by such famous coffee brands as Jacobs, Maxwell House, Black Card, Tassimo, Maxim and L'OR. Since 2010, the popularity of the latter brand has grown rapidly after the manufacturer released Nespresso L'OR coffee capsules. Tasty and aromatic coffee in Nespresso capsules could be effectively used in modern models of coffee machines, where, if properly brewed, it was possible to get an invigorating high-quality drink.

Since the appearance on the market of coffee in Nespresso L'OR capsules, official representative offices of the corporation have been opened in more than 30 countries of the world, which has allowed buyers in various territories to evaluate the taste and aroma characteristics of L'OR coffee.

L'OR coffee is produced today in the Leningrad region, at a plant equipped with modern equipment that allows you to make a variety of amazing coffee blends, and each batch is produced under the close attention of specialists who control every stage of production. All batches of L'OR coffee, regardless of its type, receive quality certificates and other documents confirming the high level of production.

For the preparation of L'OR coffee blends, the manufacturer uses only high-quality beans from farms, which are regular partners and suppliers of raw materials for a well-known brand. All plantations with which the manufacturer cooperates today are certified in accordance with the global UTZ standard, which means the use of innovative methods of growing raw materials, as well as respect for the environment.

L'OR manufacturer's product range

Today, all the manufacturer's products are available to buyers all over the world, in 3 main areas:

  • Coffee in Nespresso capsules;
  • Coffee beans L'OR;
  • Instant granular or freeze-dried beverage.

In each of the categories there are undisputed leaders who are in great demand and in demand among gourmets and connoisseurs of real coffee.

L'OR coffee capsules are represented by the following brands:

  • Espresso Delizioso;
  • Ristretto;
  • Lungo Profondo;
  • Espresso Splendente;
  • Espresso Forza.

L'OR coffee beans are familiar to customers by the following brands and names of an invigorating drink and raw materials:

  • Espresso Forza;
  • Crema Absolu Classique.

And the instant product is also represented by two well-known brands:

  • Lor Original;
  • Lor Riche.

It is best to buy original products from the manufacturer only in branded stores that are its official distributors. Despite the fact that L'OR coffee belongs to the elite class products and drinks, in our country and other territories, it is available in the middle price segment. Therefore, even those who do not have a very high income level will be able not only to taste an invigorating drink once, but also make it their favorite in the morning and during the day.

And the coffee manufacturer L'OR continues to improve its production and expand the range, to the delight of its fans and regular customers.