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Coffee beans Paulig

Coffee beans Paulig Arabica 1kg
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Coffee beans Paulig Arabica Dark 1kg
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Coffee beans Paulig Arabica Espresso 1kg
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Coffee beans Paulig

Paulig coffee beans are one of the world famous brands that are popular among gourmets all over the world. The manufacturer has presented today several varieties of Paulig coffee, designed for a variety of tastes and preferences of connoisseurs of this drink.

Paulig coffee - distinctive features of the brand

This global brand appeared on the market back in 1876, and the coffee got its name from the name of the girl Paula, who in a beautiful national dress became a real visiting card of the company. Paulig coffee attracts customers with its unique taste and aroma properties, which appear not only thanks to the raw materials used, but also to the professional approach to the production of the product. The main distinguishing features of this coffee, according to buyers, are:

  • The use of only certified raw materials, due to which the impeccable and high quality of the product is ensured;
  • Compliance with all international regulations and standards governing the observance of sanitation and maintaining environmental safety during the production of coffee beans;
  • Cooperation only with trusted suppliers of raw materials from Brazil and Colombia;
  • Regular annual deliveries of coffee to the world market, amounting to at least 50 million kg.

Today the Paulig coffee range is so extensive and varied that even the most sophisticated and demanding gourmets will be able to choose the right drink for themselves. Among the most popular varieties in high demand are the following Paulig coffees:

  • ü Classic;
  • ü Arabica;
  • ü Presidentti;
  • ü Mokka;
  • ü Mundo;
  • ü Espresso Originale.

Each variety has not only unique taste and aroma characteristics, but also differs in the degree of roast, which the buyer can choose depending on his preferences.

After its appearance on the world market, this coffee in the shortest possible time was able to conquer the hearts of gourmets and connoisseurs of an invigorating drink, and today it is one of the most popular brands. According to buyers, Paulig coffee beans stand out for the following attractive features and benefits:

  • Ø Whole and selected grains, among which you will not find defective, overcooked or spoiled, which contributes to the high quality of the finished drink;
  • Ø Providing quality certificates to each client and the opportunity to get acquainted with them on the official website, gives confidence in the safe use of this coffee;
  • Ø Coffee beans are available to customers in a variety of types of packaging and packaging, which allows you not only to purchase it for testing, but also to buy it for permanent use.

Although the cost of this popular coffee remains quite high, true connoisseurs and gourmets are sure that a high-quality drink simply cannot be cheap, so they are ready to invest in buying Paulig and enjoy its unique properties with family and friends.