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Coffee beans Videnska kava

Coffee beans Lviv Vienna Coffee Cream 1kg
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Coffee beans Viennese coffee Espresso Crema 1 kg
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Coffee beans Viennese Coffee Italiano Espresso Caffe 1kg
Coffee beans Viennese coffee Lviv Aromatna 1kg
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Coffee beans Viennese coffee Lviv Morning 1kg
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Coffee beans Viennese coffee Lviv sunny 1kg
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Coffee beans Viennese Coffee Strong Lviv 1kg
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Coffee beans Viennese Coffee Vending Coffee 1kg
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Coffee beans Viennese coffee Santos BAR 1kg
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Coffee beans Videnska kava

The company with the romantic name "videns'ka Kava" is one of the largest importers of green coffee in Ukraine. At the moment the company is cooperating with seven suppliers for the best green coffee Europe. In order for Ukrainians to be able to enjoy consistently delicious real coffee company offers a wide range of products, where there are over 60 monoortho and professional blends. Buy coffee videns'ka Kava at factory price on our website.
History of popular brand today was started in 1992. In this significant year of the Lviv production cooperative "Santos" has teamed up with Austrian APTS JSC "commercial Agency". The main activity was the processing, prepacking and sale of coffee. The company is often awarded for achievement in the development of the original design package for coffee. At the competition "World Star", which was held in Argentina (1999), our Ukrainian company has won the title of best packaging in the world. This package was depicted the city of Lvov, period of the 1820s.
In 1999, the company's management decides on the division of the company and re-registration of ownership to the private JSC "videns'ka Kava". Most of the founders supported the decision of the Austrian APTS Ltd to withdraw from the enterprise. At that time the coffee company has been known throughout the country and far beyond its borders. Delicious Viennese coffee is loved by many fans of flavored drink.
At the moment it is a steadily growing company with its own production, the area, over 4000 sq. m. and high-tech modern equipment. Some mechanisms, for example, vertical packaging machines, the company developed independently. The high technical level of tooling provides a fully automated process of coffee production. Competent management, reasonable pricing and high quality finished products – the three main components of the success of the company. In the Internet store, the coffee Shop you always can buy coffee Vienna coffee from the Ukrainian manufacturer.
As a born Viennese coffee?
As already mentioned, the main activity of JSC "videns'ka Kava" is the processing, packaging and sales through the wholesale and retail network. The production process consists of the following steps:
Processing green coffee beans at this stage is thoroughly cleaned;
sorting – with the help of high-precision equipment defective, dirty and damaged grains eliminated, the coffee is sorted by color. This principle provides a ready to drink multi-faceted full-bodied flavor;
weigh – to determine the exact proportions of coffee;
roasting is one of the most important stages. The correctness of the compliance technology and the uniformity of roasting of the grain depends on the balance of the coffee flavor. Due to the modern peripheral equipment uniform full roast to the desired degree;
grinding is used to create flavored ground coffee;
packaging – on this stage made coffee undergoes thorough laboratory examination, tested by professional tasters, and only then are Packed in the original designer packaging. The company uses the most modern packaging technologies as long as possible to preserve the intense aroma and unique taste of fresh coffee.
Storage of finished products is carried out in special warehouses, maintaining a comfortable temperature. Customers can be sure that buying coffee in Lviv they will receive high-quality original taste.
The company's range
For coffee production, the company uses select Arabica and Robusta from the best plantations worldwide. Purchasing green coffee are conducted on world markets, so the consumer always receives a high quality finished product. The product range of coffee represented by the following types:
Grain coffee selected blends of Arabica and/or Robusta);
ground coffee – the best coffee blends such as Crema, TEAM, BAR, Fresh. On our website you can buy coffee ESPRESSO CREMA, which has an elegant aroma, high dense foam and a balanced flavor. Also this category includes other types of excellent ground coffee;
the mixture for making all types of espresso, lungo, Americano, ristretto, cappuccino and latte. You can always order coffee videns'ka Kava in Kiev in the store a coffee Shop;
category exotic coffee varieties from different corners of the planet;
flavored coffees are a special and exclusive category. Here you will find the original coffee mixes with the aromas of chocolate, cherry, cognac, Irish cream and caramel;
How to order coffee videns'ka Kava with delivery?
In order to buy Lviv coffee Cream in our store, just fill in the order form, for further details on the product, availability and current promotions for regular customers contact us by phone or leave comments in addition to the order. For a long time we cooperate with the manufacturer of this coffee, so you can always guarantee you excellent quality and affordable prices for products of domestic brand.
We recommend you to enjoy coffee videns'ka Kava MRNA Lviv to experience a great original flavor, which many people come to the coffee capital of Ukraine – Lviv. This city is famous all over the world not only of great architectural and cultural heritage, and its small but cozy coffee houses. Small distinctive institutions is the business card of the city, lends it a special atmosphere. Local residents say that with a Cup of coffee all great things start: work, love and new achievements. Let your great things start with a great Cup of Viennese coffee.