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Dallmayr coffee

Dallmayr coffee

Dallmayr has a history spanning over three centuries. The family-owned company has evolved from a small grocery store to a brand that is known all over the world. Today Dallmayr is one of the leading companies in the German and European coffee market.

Dallmayr coffee has been well known to the people of Munich for many years. As early as 1930, Dallmayr was using "electric coffee roasting". Now, as then, freshly roasted coffee is sold to customers every day in the coffee section of the deli.

The roots of the company actually begin around 1700, when a Munich merchant named Christian Reuter began trading in the same place as the future Dallmayr. The company gradually developed and eventually took its name from its owner, Alois Dallmire, in 1870. In 1895, Alois Dallmire sold the premises and shop to Anton Randlkofer. After Randlekofer's death, just two years later, his widow, Theresa Randlekofer, takes over the management of the company.

Around 1900, thanks to the competent leadership of Theresa Randlekofer, Dallmayr becomes one of the most popular gastronomy companies in Europe. It is honored with the title of supplier to the Bavarian royal court and now boasts that the buyers include the imperial family and 14 other royal houses of Europe. In 1931, Dallmayr, like many other companies at the time, was having a hard time following Black Friday. The grocery store was looking for a business support and opted for coffee.

In 1933, Dallmayr hires Konrad Werner Wille, who helps solidify the beginning of the Dallmayr coffee era. At the age of 19, Konrad, a coffee expert from Bremen, opens a coffee department. He buys raw coffee, oversees the roaster personally, and arranges sales. This is how the concept of the Dallmayr coffee brand was born.

After World War II in the 1950s, the company successfully recovered and gained momentum in sales. The coffee business began to grow at a rapid pace, which led to even more explosive growth throughout the 20th century.

Despite its explosive growth in recent years, Dallmayr remains a family owned company. Florian Randlekofer and Wolfgang Wille run it to this day. In 2015, the fifth generation of the family ran the company.

Popular types of coffee

High quality is a core Dallmayr tradition. The beans are carefully selected in the best regions of the world (Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Colombia) and then roasted in the Bavarian city of Giesing. Today the company is a world renowned producer of quality coffee. You can buy Dallmayr coffee in our store at an affordable price.

Dallmayr prodomo

It is a mixture of selected types of Arabica from the best highlands. Notes of Ethiopian Arabica form the flavor base of this coffee.

Dallmayr prodomo naturemild is distinguished by its slight acidity with moderately roasted beans. Entcoffieniert does not contain caffeine, retaining the true aroma of high-altitude Arabica.

Crema Prodomo is intended for coffee machines, which gives a unique softness to the drink due to the careful and slow roasting of the beans. French Press Prodomo coffee is a balanced blend of various coffee varieties with a strong roast and spicy aroma.

Dallmayr D'Oro

Dallmayr Crema D'Oro medium roast is ideal for preparing special coffee creams, special espresso with froth. The drink is distinguished by a balanced soft taste and light tender foam.

Dallmayr Crema D'Oro Intens has an intense, rich aroma with a dense yet delicate foam. Low acidity, high strength and strong roast make this coffee ideal for espresso, cappuccino or latte.

Dallmayr Espresso D'Oro is a balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta. Long and strong roasting saturates the drink with a rich aroma with a slight hint of cocoa. Can be used to make cappuccino or latte.

Dallmayr Selektion des Jahres 2021 is a premium coffee inspired by the paradise shores and unique nature of the Caribbean islands. Moderate roasting, a little sourness and softness of the drink will help you travel to the Caribbean for at least a cup of coffee.

Dallmayr ethiopia

Astringent taste and rich aroma are not just words for real Ethiopian coffee. Unusual scent of lemongrass and notes of dark chocolate of hand-picked coffee give the drink an unforgettable taste. You can buy Dallmayr coffee in our store at an affordable price with the option of delivery.