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Coffee Garibaldi

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Price  190 - 235грн.
100% Arabica. Roast: average.Italian coffee reference. Special technology of roasting gives the bean..
Coffee beans Garibaldi Versilia 1kg is the perfect balance of strength, saturation, light bitterness..
20% Arabica, 80% Robusta. Roasting: the dark.An elite blend of robusta beans grown in Vietnam and so..
Coffee beans Garibaldi Intenso 1kg
40% Arabica, 60% Robusta. Roasting: the dark.The unique composition of taste will appeal to true fan..
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Coffee Garibaldi

Coffee Garibaldi

Roasted coffee beans Garibaldi, which absorbed the best combination of taste and aroma, perfectly suitable for both business meetings and for peaceful, home evenings with his family.

Did you know that ...

Buy Garibaldi coffee today, it is to become the successor of the great Italian tradition! Company Gruppo Garibaldi, which is the highest standard of quality among coffee producers, engaged in production of the eponymous Italian products worldwide. The secret of the popularity of the brand is to use only the best raw materials. From all corners of the world (solar Vietnamese plantations, Brazil, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, and others.) Are collected ecologically pure berries of Robusta and Arabica. Selected varieties of berries are picked by hand by masters of their craft, are sorted and then roasting and mixing by special technology and time-tested recipes, turning in Garibaldi coffee. This coffee would be an indispensable addition to your table at any holiday or weekday, as Garibaldi brand speaks for itself.

Unforgettable emotions

For fans and connoisseurs of classical music, coffee Garibaldi will become an indispensable product not only to set the mood, but also to impart strength, energy and courage to his fans. In order to pick up a coffee to your liking, brand Garibaldi came to address this issue with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. The range of the online store "Coffeeynya" there are various options for flavor combinations Garibaldi coffee beans from the soft tones of the coffee beverage to present it, extravagant taste sets. Buy Garibaldi Dolce Aroma (100% arabica) and feel the atmosphere of a relaxing holiday and quiet, due to the gentle, enveloping notes of the drink available to absolutely everyone at any time of the day or night. For fans of the harmonious interaction of mild taste and light bitterness due to the 20% of the content of Robusta can order or buy Garibaldi Espresso Bar - grade coffee to help cheer up in hard everyday work. And for those who prefer a little "middle ground" in the caffeine content of refreshing drinks, loves adrenaline and emotion, can not pass and do not buy Garibaldi Intenso (40% Arabica, 60% Robusta) for themselves and their loved ones.

To go back to the exciting world of the best Italian tradition, do not need to take a vacation, save money, buy tickets and the ticket, it is enough to buy a coffee and Garibaldi with just one sip of the hot drink to feel one with the amazing country of Italy. Call our dedicated online store "Coffeeynya" and get as soon as possible the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of coffee plantations!