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Starbucks Coffee Beans

Starbucks Coffee Beans

What is starbucks coffee? Why is he so popular that the visitors of coffee shops owned by the company weekly drink about seven million cups of this iconic drink? The founders of the largest coffee-shop chain Starbucks talking about what great coffee is only bean of excellent quality. Before becoming a refreshing, flavorful drink every coffee bean goes a very long way and a lot of people make huge efforts in order to enable you to enjoy truly worthwhile and coffee.

Some statistics:

On average, each customer visits a Starbucks 5-7 times a month.

Loyal clients apply about 20-25 visits per month.

Starbucks boasts the highest attendance in the world.

As a small coffee seed turns into a perfectly delicious drink?

Buying Starbucks beans, which are grown high in the mountains. The best coffee grows there. Special climatic conditions, the combination of warm Sunny days and cold nights fill each grain with the energy of nature, saturate his perfect taste. Every Cup of starbucks coffee reflects this rich blend of magical flavours, known only to the true coffee gourmets.

The company helps all sorts of farmers to grow high quality grain. On four continents have established special counseling centers that work to improve the condition of soil and quality of the coffee beans. Ready-made crop be selected with special care for further processing use only perfectly even, ripe, red berries. In the following steps raw material again and again is sorted for density, size, ripeness and color. This continues until, until only the most perfect beans.

After careful sorting coffee goes through a complicated heat treatment, depending on what degree of roasting is necessary, and then tested for quality. The team Starbucks a lot of tasters who daily try over a thousand cups of coffee a day, in order to choose the best taste. Excellent they work, isn't it? Each new batch is at least three tastings, and only after that it can be approved, and coffee released for sale.


Given the preferences of all its customers, the company has formed a wide range of products, among which you will find the following:

Delicious premium monosort.

Blend based on an elite coffee varieties.

Coffee without caffeine.

This bright variety of every connoisseur of good coffee will find exactly what he needs.

Interesting facts

The total number of staff of the company consists of 138 thousand people. This way is much more than the population of the largest island on the planet – Greenland.

The coffee assortment consists of 88 thousand different coffee variations.

At Starbucks have a coffee called "Men's size". This means a coffee with a volume of 470 ml. In such a serving contains almost daily allowance of caffeine, until the complete set which lacks only 70 ml. compared to a portion of the Bank's energy Red Bull loses about once in five.

Insulated cups Starbucks – one of the most popular among similar products.

Where to buy starbucks coffee in Ukraine?

In America, the home of Starbucks company, this popular product needs no advertising. Moreover, its taste is known to almost everyone. The first store, which sold freshly roasted coffee was discovered more than 45 years ago. Since then, the company has become a huge multimessage network, known for its quality products and excellent service.

Buy starbucks coffee, which will give you excellent taste and good cheer to Ukraine in the online store "Coffee shop". We are constantly expanding our range of bright new coffee innovations at the most affordable prices. Call us – we will gladly answer all questions regarding product, order, delivery and availability, or just leave a request on the website!