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Chocolate Cachet

Caramel Coffee Amo 100g
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Chocolate Cachet

Have you ever tried Belgian chocolate? If Yes, then you know how great the taste is real chocolate, but if not – it's time to try this magical treat. Chocolate cachet(cachet) is a true masterpiece from the best Belgian chocolatiers. The composition of this Goodies contains only natural ingredients, so besides excellent taste cachet boasts more useful features. The manufacturer does not use artificial fragrances, harmful preservatives, colorings and enhancers of taste in composition is only natural cocoa and ingredients of natural origin.

And who is the manufacturer?

Popular cachet Belgian chocolate releases the company Kim's Chocolates – one of the largest exporters of chocolate and chocolate sweets. Belgium is considered the chocolate capital of Europe annually produces over 170 thousand tons of chocolate. Kim's Chocolates is a huge share of the total production volume. The company was founded in 1987, the main goal of the owners was consistently producing the best chocolate products in the world.

In 2008, Kim's Chocolates has opened an ultra-modern environmentally friendly plant that are working on technologies that cause minimal harm to the environment. In the process of production using "green" technologies use the sun's energy and power of nature. Chocolates from KIMS – a favorite delicacy of Europeans, Canadians and Americans. For several decades the manufacturer is the exporter # 1 in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to the main activities of the company is heavily involved in charity work and helping the poor East African countries, which grow cocoa beans. Of KIMS invests in the education and treatment of the local population, buying the necessary medicines, textbooks and various school supplies. Since 2010, Tanzania launched a Grand charity project called ‘Cocoa for schools’. The company is working hard to eradicate poverty, backwardness of the local population and destruction of the phenomenon of child slavery in the African countries.

Сachet is tasty and healthy!

If there was a secret world community cockoldmenow – they obviously would have made the chocolates cachet as its main symbol. The Belgians are not afraid to experiment in their desserts they bravely add hot peppers, mint, Basil, and various citrus fruits, tasty fruits and even olives. But the most important rule for chocolatiers is the use of a natural derivative of cocoa as the basis for his masterpieces. The result is a tasty and healthy treats that support immuno system, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots and saturate a person with the necessary energy.

Сachet chocolate this is a lovely treat, which recovers almost impossible (well, if you don't eat it for five kg, daily), the right combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates helps to maintain a healthy weight chocolate lovers.

Where to buy Сachet chocolate?

In the Internet store, the Coffee shop presents a sophisticated collection of delicious Belgian chocolate. In stock: white, black, extra black, milk chocolate. To purchase any products from the proposed line of online through the order form. Treat yourself with something delicious!