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Lindt Chocolate

Lindt Chocolate

Lindt Swiss chocolate is considered the standard of excellence and consistency of composition in European countries. The brand has rapidly gained popularity among lovers of sweets due to the stability of quality, ideal balanced taste, constant successful experiments with various combinations, fillings and additives. Modern designs use traditions that have formed over decades, and the manufacturer is considered the inventor of many technologies borrowed by various factories.

A brief history of the brand

It began back in 1845, with the name of Rudolf Lindt, an enthusiastic chocolatier who regularly searches for new recipes. It all started with a modest store in Bern, but consumers quickly found the new product to their liking. 54 years later, the Sprungli factory was taken over (its premises are still in use, and in some of them a museum has been organized), which is on the verge of bankruptcy, by the Lindt brand. The merger later became the backbone of the business of a large corporation, which is also the case today. But each such cooperation does not pass without leaving a trace, efforts in search of new recipes continue on the basis of mutual developments. That is why you can now buy chocolate from this company on all inhabited continents.

General characteristics of Lindt chocolate

This is a high quality chocolate of all varieties with different cocoa content, produced mainly in the form of bars. Products can be conditionally divided into permanent recipes and limited editions. The latter category is usually timed to coincide with a specific event, an upcoming holiday or company anniversary. Continuous promotion and experimentation always resonates with fans of their products.

Key Features

Lindt has a strictly consistent production technology dictated by tradition, modern standards and consumer sentiments. In comparison with other competitive products, the following basic advantages can be distinguished:

  • Quality control begins on the plantations, which are fully managed by the company's experts. Cocoa beans come to factories already with a quality seal. They also try to avoid third party vendors. This prevents spoiled semi-finished products from getting into finished products. The hand-picked pods go through superheated steam decontamination.
  • Cleaning of the shell and parts associated with it is carried out with air under enormous pressure, which prevents the destruction of the kernel.
  • In addition to drying, fermentation is also performed. It makes it possible to soften the structure of raw materials, to release special notes inherent only to Lindt against the general aromatic background of cocoa. Raw beans do not have these properties.
  • The production uses mills of a special design. The beans are milled for 20-25 hours to achieve a unique velvety texture. The process takes place under controlled humidity and temperature, which allows you to fully preserve the taste and aroma.
  • The brewed mass goes through the obligatory conching process, invented by Rudolf Lindt. This is a special technology of mixing with the gradual and uniform addition of ingredients throughout the mass. This approach gives the chocolate properties that melt in the mouth pleasantly. If you do not pass it, then everything will simply crumble into powder. At the same stage, moisture is removed, and after cooling, the product is ready for use.
  • As for the filling, the factory operates on the principle of selection for maximum compatibility with the chocolate itself. The department of the best Swiss tasters is working on this.

Lindt is not the only decent chocolate brand from Switzerland. This is the most affordable manufacturer from this country on the Ukrainian market, presenting here a full range of its products.

Where to buy chocolate of this brand

You can buy it right now in the Coffeeynya online store. Direct deliveries from the manufacturer can significantly reduce the price, bringing it to a fair level. New items appear regularly as they are released by the brand. The assortment also includes other sweets, among which you can find the perfect addition to any commercially available coffee. Delivery is valid across the territory of Ukraine to all cities and regions.