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Coffee capsules 200 pcs Gimoka NESPRESSO Lungo

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Product Code: Lungo
EAN: 8003012002590
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Intensity 6 out of 13

100% Arabica. Medium roast.

Fans of the popular brand of Italian coffee, Gimoka will open a new espresso Lungo. You will enjoy Arabica coffee, which has a dense and rich taste. Gimoka Lungo is more delicate, with enhanced coffee taste, its fruit notes and balanced odor. You will enjoy coffee with Nespresso capsules at lunchtime instead of dessert.

It is packed in a black and purple box of 10 capsules. You can enjoy it at work and at home, it can also be used for special occasions using the Nespresso machine. The drink can be slightly sweetened to soften its strength. Enjoy yourself and please your family.

tea Packaging
Composition 100% Arabica
Intensity 6
Roasting Medium
Type of coffee Capsules Nespresso
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