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Natural coffee and gourmet tea for home, office and cafe

Not only gourmets and connoisseurs appreciate the invigorating effect of a freshly brewed drink and friendly conversation over a fragrant cup. A modern lifestyle is unthinkable without quality coffee and tea. The customers of the Coffee House are distinguished by excellent taste: their choice and our offer are interconnected. At the request of our customers, we are constantly expanding the range of products, offering them new items in the coffee and tea industry, as well as a variety of accessories and desserts that make tea, coffee breaks or daily breakfast pleasant and comfortable.

coffeeynya.ua is a reliable supplier, familiar to many customers since 2015. We have a large assortment of exclusive goods, once called "colonial", but now available to a wide range of true connoisseurs of beautiful traditions. Discerning consumers are offered goods from the best manufacturers that have long established themselves on the market. Their products are in demand both on weekdays and on holidays, including as a useful and desirable gift. It is important that our customers are protected from counterfeiting: the store's reputation is based on careful selection of the source of supply. How to distinguish a fake from an authentic product and buy a real coffee, not a fake brand, is described in more detail in one of the sections of our website.

Coffee - whole beans, ground, capsules and instant

In the "coffeeynya.ua" you can buy all types of coffee, including natural beans. The Italian company LAVAZZA produces a large line of wonderful Arabica and Robusta. This company has been working on the international market for a long time (the beginning of its activity dates back to the end of the 19th century). The selection of the best raw materials and professional roasting have earned recognition in more than a hundred countries around the world. LAVAZZA ground coffee is packed in cans and bags of various sizes, which is very convenient both for tasting and for buying with a high consumption or for a long period. The store offers packages weighing up to 1 kg.

Our company purchases only original LAVAZZA coffee: purchasing any of the hundreds of product options, the client can be sure of the supplier's honesty. Whichever lot you like (100% Arabica, Robusta blend, decaffeinated, etc.), rest assured that you will buy exactly what you want.
The catalog "coffeeynya" includes dozens of excellent manufacturers: you can not only purchase their products, but also get information on their activities on the website. For example, another company from Italy - illy - is no less famous. Coffee lovers appreciate its high quality Arabica from Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia and other countries that grow excellent coffee beans. Popular companies deserve attention: kimbo, Montana, Blasercafe ...

The habits and pace of life of instant coffee lovers require brewing an invigorating drink as quickly as possible. For them there is an excellent offer of coffee LAVAZZA, AMBASSADOR, MOVENPICK. The brands listed in our store are distinguished by the high quality of instant mixtures of Arabica and Robusta, as well as 100% Arabica.

On the choice of capsules for coffee machines: it is based on the type of machine and, of course, on taste preferences. Please note that it is easy to determine on the site not only the type of capsules and the variety (arabica, robusta or their mixture). The annotations for each name indicate the degree of roast, strength and flavor notes. The choice is simplified thanks to a special filter that subdivides all lots according to these categories.
Tea: from Chinese to South African
Tea drinking, habitual since childhood, remains one of the best ways to relax, relieve stress accumulated during working hours. Nowadays, thanks to the online store, it has become easier to find and taste unique varieties grown in different countries. The best types of Chinese tea are becoming more and more popular. Their abundance is a real pleasure for fans of Chinese tea culture, they are well versed in the methods of brewing various varieties.

Pay attention to the fact that "SWEET TEAU" has not only green tea grown in China, but also black tea from India, Ceylon, as well as South American and South African brews: mate, lapacho, rooibos and honeybush. Ethnic teas and herbal teas have found many admirers due to their unique taste and real benefits for improving well-being and strengthening immunity. Each annotation describes the composition and nature of the effect on the body. For example, the collection "Antistress" relieves fatigue and irritation, and the mix "Perfection" invigorates and increases concentration. Photos on the site help you navigate how dry tea leaves, brewed drinks and packaging look like (in detail). By the way, the weight of the package starts from 50 g: this allows you to properly evaluate the selected varieties before purchasing them for permanent use (packaging of 100 g and 250 g is possible).

The store's line of Greenfield teas includes green and black foliage teas and packaging with convenient, easy-to-brew teabags. Exclusive and varied brewing options are presented by Hello tea, TOTTI Tea and Basilur. In general, everyone can find the best option for themselves: original and popular varieties are always available.

Delicious and even tastier

Table setting for coffee and tea drinking includes a number of mandatory attributes. These primarily include sugar and cream. There are three types of cream - portioned, dry and in granules. We sell refined sugar and granulated sugar in sticks. Our range contains these complementary ingredients, plus chocolate and sweets.

Syrups for coffee cocktails and desserts

The original recipes currently used by pastry chefs, bartenders and baristas often include syrups. EMMI's large product line consists of dozens of sweet additions of unforgettable flavors - from black currant to vanilla, from mint to Irish liqueur. The dosing pump is the ideal addition to syrup bottles to measure the exact amount of the required ingredient.

Hot chocolate and sweets

For those who love variety in desserts, the coffeeynya offers hot chocolate and marshmallows. And, of course, what a five-o-clock can do without chocolates, marzipan and other delicious products that will enhance the pleasure of coffee and tea.

Coffee makers, dishes, accessories

You can brew a good drink in a variety of ways. Automated coffee machines, geyser coffee makers, Turks (cezves) or French presses - any option, if used correctly, will give excellent results. It is not only easy to buy coffee, syrups, cream and chocolate at the Coffeeynya. Here you can order a capsule coffee machine and other utensils for preparing drinks, as well as various useful accessories. Cup holders, branded paper cups, stirrers and straws will come in handy in any cafe. And the descaling agents we recommend are used for household appliances and for devices placed at power points.

The store has original gifts that will be appropriate for women and men on any special day. In stock tea gift sets, ceramic Starbucks cups, original watches. By the way, the design of the wall clock is directly related to the theme of coffee and bright citruses: they fit perfectly into the interior of a cafe, diner, restaurant. And in the home kitchen, such a spectacular accessory creates a vigorous atmosphere that lifts the mood at any time of the day, especially on an autumn working morning.

Convenient to choose and receive goods

The activity of "coffeeynya" is based on three principles - quality products, optimal cost, speed of delivery. Another important condition for our successful work: to give the buyer full information about the proposed product, describe in detail each name, all the nuances of its taste, aroma and effect on the body. A special blog contains useful recipes for brewing coffee, tea, making desserts and cocktails. There you can also find articles on industrial methods of cultivating coffee and tea plantations in various countries.

Three more sections of our site are useful when choosing a product: "Bestsellers", "Discount Products", "New Items". One of them allows you to assess which option is most popular with buyers: what they most often choose. The second one makes it possible to get a significant discount on promoted goods.

Our advantage is our own store, in which all products are presented “live”, including the basis of our assortment - original LAVAZZA coffee and “SWEET CHAYU” products. You can receive your order directly from the store. Clients will need no more than two days to receive an order in Kiev through a courier; the parcel is promptly delivered through the "New mail". The employees of the "coffeeynya" are ready to give the necessary advice on the quality of the goods sold and the dynamics of the price for them during working hours. Online orders are accepted around the clock.