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Non-alcoholic "Blue Lagoon"


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Non-alcoholic "Blue Lagoon"Blue Lagoon is a popular sky blue cocktail. Refreshing and daring thanks to the combination of Sprite and vodka, this cocktail can also be non-alcoholic. After all, the main thing is the magical color that "EMMI" BLUE CURASAO syrup will give it.Ingredients:Sprite - 150 mlLemon juice - 20 mlSyrup "EMMI" BLUE CURASAO - 30 mlIce - 100 mlMint leafSlice of lime or lemonPrepar..

Non-alcoholic "Pina Colada"


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Non-alcoholic "Pina Colada"Pina Colada has a recognizable taste of pineapple juice combined with coconut milk. The classic Pina Colada cocktail suggests white rum, but rum is not the main thing here. But pineapple and coconut are indispensable.The bright taste of "EMMI" PINA COLADA syrup will help you create not only a non-alcoholic cocktail, but also create an atmosphere of relaxation on the trop..

Chocolate milkshake


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Chocolate milkshakeBoth children and adults love the chocolate milkshake. This is a great idea for a Sunday breakfast or a snack after a walk in the fresh air. Anyone who loves chocolate ice cream will appreciate this recipe. The taste of chocolate will emphasize the aroma of vanilla. A teaspoon of EMMI VANILLA syrup will replace natural vanilla.Ingredients:Milk - 200 mlIce cream - 50 gInstant coc..

Banana milk shake


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Banana cocktail with milkBananas are sold all year round, which means that you can always prepare a delicious and healthy cocktail. It's a great breakfast, great snack and delicious dessert. After exercising, a banana shake can help rejuvenate. And the children just adore him.Banana does not have a very bright aroma, a pinch of natural vanilla will help to improve it, but with vanilla it is easy t..

Strawberry cocktail with ice cream


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Strawberry cocktail with ice creamRipe strawberries are so fragrant and beautiful, they just ask for dessert. Strawberry with ice cream is a classic of the genre. The tenderness of the cream and the sweetness of the ice cream soften the berry sourness.You can eat strawberries with ice cream just like that. But if you have the "EMMI" STRAWBERRY syrup, you can make a strawberry cocktail. Delicious a..

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic "Mojito"


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Alcoholic and non-alcoholic "Mojito"The classic "Mojito" is rooted in the pirate past. The pirates insisted on rum with lime and mint to fight vitamin deficiencies. Now "Mojito" is icy freshness with a small alcohol content. Syrup "EMMI" MOJITO, mint and lime will create the desired taste, and whether or not to add alcohol is up to you.Ingredients:White rum - 50 mlDry white wine or champagne - 30 ..

Pink cocktail "Bubble Gum"


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Pink cocktail "Bubble Gum"Girls love everything pink and cute. Even if the girls have already grown up, they will like this cocktail, because it does not spoil the figure. It is based on milk and yogurt. This is ideal for girly gatherings. Well, little princesses will just be crazy about him. After all, he is so handsome!Syrup "EMMI" BUBBLE GUM gives the cocktail the same taste and aroma of gum th..

Banana milkshake "Sea gave"


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Banana-milkshake "Sea gave"Did your seaside vacation end quickly? This is not a problem, because there are wonderful memories of the trip. And the amazing blue banana milkshake with "EMMI" BLUE CURASAO syrup will help to revive them.You will say what a sea without dolphins! - There will be dolphins for you. A few minutes, sleight of hand, and now a mischievous dolphin is playing with a ball in a b..

Raspberry milkshake


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Raspberry milkshakeEvery adult recalls a milkshake from childhood with nostalgia. Airy, sweet, dazzling white, it tastes better than milk and better than ice cream, although it is from this pair that the milkshake is prepared. And the addition of berry syrup gives it a pleasant sourness and summer aroma.To make your children remember their childhood with the same enthusiasm, we prepare milkshakes ..

Non-alcoholic orange "Tequila Sunrise"


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Non-alcoholic orange "Tequila Sunrise"Orange Tequila Sunrise is the best cocktail for a hot day by the pool. Ease of manufacture will allow you to cook it in a matter of minutes. All you need is EMMI GRENADINE syrup and orange juice. Juicy, refreshing, bright, this cocktail will turn an ordinary vacation in the country into a beach party.Ingredients:Orange juice - 200 mlMineral water - 100 mlSyrup..

What will happen to the price of coffee? ..


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What will happen to the price of coffee? .. Let's figure it out.Since the Covid-19 pandemic brought changes to the coffee market in 2020, everyone has been closely watching the development of the situation in 2021. After some time (namely in July 2021), intermediate results can be summed up. So what explains the current price of coffee and what can we expect next?What was the situation with the co..

What is Specialty Coffee? Let's find out.


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What is Specialty Coffee? Let's find out.Although coffee was increasingly becoming a mainstream product in the 20th and 21st centuries, interest in high-quality arabica was steadily growing among coffee lovers. Currently, there are not only good brands of arabica, robusta (or their mixtures) more or less available to the consumer, but also very expensive coffee with unique characteristics of aroma..

Ethnic tea. Where did he come from.


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Analogs of tea: national drinks that have received worldwide recognitionMedicinal properties - the most interesting point in the description of the so-called "ethnic teas": national drinks, brewed and consumed daily, like tea or coffee. Each climatic zone has its own useful herbs, shrubs, trees. We use the leaves of many plants as a medicinal decoction (tea): currants, raspberries, willow-herb, mi..

Coffee Industry: Ivory Coast


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Coffee Industry: Ivory CoastUnstable numbersCôte d'Ivoire, like many other African countries, supplies the world market with green coffee beans (without roasting). For more than a hundred years, raw coffee has been exported to Europe - this is an important source of income for the state. Ivorian Robusta (plus some Arabica and Liberica) comes to the world market.Although the country produces an ins..

The second life of a coffee bean: from nature to nature


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The second life of a coffee bean: from nature to natureEuropeans and Americans, spoiled by good coffee, rarely think about the fact that coffee trees have any other benefits other than a cup of invigorating tasty drink. However, life is more diverse and more interesting than it seems at first glance. In fact, everything is used: the foliage of the coffee tree, and parts of the fruit, and even the ..