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Attention, fake!

Attention, fake!

Natural coffee is one of the most delicious and popular drinks in the world. But only natural. A counterfeit product not only shocks the taste buds, but can also be hazardous to health. Unfortunately, recently there have been a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers who counterfeit world famous brands of natural coffee, for example, Lavazza. Now a huge number of Lavazza fakes have appeared in Ukraine. We make a lot of efforts to preserve the good name of the best Italian coffee, so we carefully analyzed the situation and made a detailed review so that you, our dear customers, could easily distinguish the original product from the counterfeit.

As “raw materials”, clandestine producers use coffee waste, spoiled and overcooked beans, as well as things that have nothing to do with coffee (barley, rye, beans, burnt sugar, malt and chicory). Since the “craftsmen” realize that the finished drink will have a very unpleasant taste, they use various additives and flavors to bring the fake closer to the original. Very often the counterfeit product has greatly exceeded caffeine norms, this is due to the fact that it contains finely ground pharmacy caffeine. Such a shock dose of "vigor" can have a detrimental effect on health, engaging the nervous and digestive systems, and the heart.

What to do?

There are several general ways to identify counterfeit coffee.

  • You need to take a few coffee beans and immerse them in cold water. The real one will swell and color the water quite a bit, and the fake one will only create a sediment
  • Overcooked grains at the break have a light yellow color.
  • You can put a couple of seeds on paper and rub. If dirt remains on it, the coffee is colored with lead hazardous to health.
  • When struck with a kitchen hammer, artificial clay grains crumble into fine powder, and natural ones are split into small pieces.

Unfortunately, these effective methods only work after you've already bought a pack of coffee, spending a couple of hundred hryvnias. As a result, a spoiled mood and an unpleasant aftertaste from the acquisition. Is it possible to avoid all this? Yes, it is possible. In the review, we will share with you valuable information on how to distinguish a fake from the original at the stage of selection and purchase, and this means saving money and keeping health. The most popular positions are taken as an example:

Lavazza qualita oro


Lavazza Crema e Aroma espresso

    Lavazza Crema e Aroma intenso 

      The main differences are:

              Price is the very first common factor in distinguishing a fake from the original. For example, the average market cost of a kilogram pack of Oro in Ukraine is from 350 to 400 UAH, but very often there are ads like - High-quality Italian coffee, for only 170-200 UAH. This is clearly a fake! Real coffee, which is sold in our market, cannot be cheaper than in a store in Italy. In the best case, the pack contains not 100% selected Arabica, but 100% cheaper Robusta.

              Bend - you can also identify a fake in such an effective way: see if there is a characteristic bend on the side of the pack? It is not on the original packaging, since it is made and soldered immediately before filling the coffee. Counterfeit, on the contrary, is packaged in ready-made packs, which for some time lay and waited in the wings, hence the noticeable bend.

              Valve - for original products, it should be round in shape, with neat, even edges. Visually, the valve is slightly concave, its edges are not pinched, and are not striking. In the case of the craft, the valve immediately catches the eye, it is as if deliberately squeezed out, the edges are pinched, even burned out. In some specimens, instead of a neat slit inside the valve, two small round holes were even punctured. The slot, like on the Lavazza Oro pack, is an old version of the valve. Some packs have a more updated one: two neat slots around the flap, inside which there is a convex inscription "GOGLIO LUIGI MILANO". This inscription can be seen when pressing on the valve with a fingernail. Counterfeits, however, cannot boast of such a curiosity on the valve.

              Date - this marking on a pack of real Lavazza of any weight is applied during the packaging of coffee. This data is different for each pack. On a counterfeit, the date is applied during the production of the packaging material, so the entire batch of counterfeit has the same time and date of issue.

              Packaging design - the original coffee has a high-quality packaging design, all images are clear, even, the names are designed in the manufacturer's corporate style. The color scheme is noble and pleasant. The multilayer foil has an optimal thickness. Fakes have bright colors that do not correspond to the corporate design of the coffee, the colors and font may be completely different. The packaging material is thin, of poor quality, and kinks are clearly visible on it. It happens that some cunning comrades come up with consonant names for their products, which differ from the original, by only one or two letters (like the real Adidas and the Chinese Abibas).

               The original packaging must indicate the expiration date, the country of origin and the barcode, which contains information about the country, the product code and the manufacturer's code.

              Where can you buy original Lavazza coffee?

              As they say in Odessa, "a fake is the best proof of the high quality of the product." This is certainly flattering, but there is little pleasant and useful in such a purchase. Therefore, the "Coffeeynya" works so that you only drink a real invigorating drink. You can buy lavazza coffee from us 24 hours / 7 days a week. The online store Coffeeynya values ​​its image and reputation very much. On the site you will find original products of the world famous brand Lavazza, which are produced only in Italy. We constantly monitor the quality of the goods, and at the request of our clients we provide certificates of conformity for coffee.

              Thanks to established trade relations and direct deliveries, you can buy Lavazza coffee

               at the most affordable prices. You can always buy lavazza coffee from us: grain, ground and in capsules. And also we are constantly aware of delicious coffee novelties that immediately appear on our sale. We wish you a pleasant choice and only high-quality coffee. If you have your own methods for determining coffee counterfeit, you can send them to us for further publication on the store's website. Contact us by phone.

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