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Coffee capsules Lavazza Espresso Point

Coffee capsules Lavazza Espresso Point

Coffee capsules Lavazza Espresso Point

One capsule. One portion. An inexhaustible supply of energy for the whole day - Lavazza Espresso Point

Capsules Lavazza point known to every connoisseur of good coffee. This drink is valued due to its impeccable quality, bright and attractive aroma optimally balanced flavor scale. Lavazza company has recently implemented a number of innovative changes that have made the Lavazza capsule even more stylish and more environmentally friendly. Wonderful original flavor remains the same. Profound changes have touched the package, but the composition of the coffee inside the capsule has not changed. You are waiting for all the same extremely delicious blends and blends.

From black to white.

Previously capsule Lavazza Espresso Point produced exclusively in black, but today the company management decided to drastically change the color of the capsule bored black in stylish white. Against this background, the logo image looks brighter and more presentable.

Lavazza Espresso Point - a few minutes and you're holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee natural

The best coffee is considered, which is made from grains. But in order to receive a portion of hot flavored drink should work hard. Grains need to grind, brew and only after refreshing drink you can drink. Not everyone has the time for preparation of the coffee, so for today's gourmet Lavazza coffee and created these capsules.

Advantages of capsules

  • Each capsule contains perfectly suitable amount of powder (8 g), from which the one piece of quality coffee. The taste of the drink does not depend on who cooks it. Even if you are not an experienced barista - Coffee still turned out great.
  • Sealed packaging allows you to maintain the freshness of ground coffee in a special way. Guaranteed shelf life of more than 2 years.
  • When preparing coffee enriched oxygen stream, so the aromatic properties of the finished beverage enhanced.
  • The ease and speed of use. The process of making a cup of espresso takes 1 to 3 minutes, and then it is not necessary to wash and to clean the coffee machine. You do not need to use the filter, and clean out the coffee maker after you have made them a portion of the drink.
  • Packaging is made from biodegradable materials that do not harm the environment and are absolutely safe for human health.
  • A wide variety of blends and roast. The manufacturer retains the unique recipe for each type of capsules, so your favorite flavors always remain unchanged.

Which coffee machines are the capsules?

This line is designed for Espresso Point Series. Capsules are ideal for coffee machines models:

  • EP 951 DOSATA;
  • EP 2100 Pininfarina 24V;
  • EP 2500 PLUS.

And buy the capsules Lavazza original production, you can always with us. Have time to buy real Italian coffee at special prices. If you have any questions about ordering, shipping and available - just call us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you quickly make a request.